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The idea for Applaws was born from the frustrations experienced by two passionate pet owners who wanted to feed their cats’ natural food but could not find a brand in the UK that offered a high quality natural product. After four years of development, Applaws was launched in 2006 with a small range of tins in recipes just for cats. Two years later varieties for dogs were introduced. We use only human-grade ingredients, working in partnership with factories that meets the highest human food standards including those set by the British Retail Consortium.

In 2009 Applaws launched the first complete dry cat food made with 80% chicken and the first complete dry dog food to contain 75%. Created to mirror, as closely as possible, a diet that would be eaten in the wild, Applaws dry foods also contain natural pre and pro-biotic to ensure your pet is as healthy on the inside as it looks on the outside. Applaws complete dry foods are made in the UK.

Tuna and prawn

The ingredients packed into each Applaws product are only included if the offer a real health benefit from pumpkin (great source of natural fibre) to seaweed (fabulous for healthy fur) to atlantic mussels (high protein low fat super food for cats, which can help and support joint & skin problems). They are all sourced from traceable and sustainable resources and are manufactured to a specification written by Applaws.

And there’s enough variety to satisfy the fussiest palate, whether that’s in broth, in pate and now in JELLY and SENIOR ranges.

A commitment to creating the very best cat and dog food is what drives our team because we believe that making pet food matters. If it isn’t good for your cat or dog then you won’t find it in Applaws. There are no artificial, colourings, flavourings or preservatives – if your pet doesn’t need them in the diet, then we don’t need them in our food.

The Applaws range contains both complementary and complete foods which can be fed together for a balanced diet. Always have a bowl of fresh water available for your cat or dog.


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