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We take care of your pup’s need to catch some great sleep.  This solidly constructed Aspen Pet Overstuffed Oval Bed is uniquely designed to hug him to sleep so he drifts off into dreamland or can lounge and watch the world around him.

The round shape makes curling very comfortable and supported while to sides are bolstered for security and safety, promoting your pet’s need to burrow, turn, and turn again.  It is awesome for nesting.

With super soft polyester construction, the lovely exterior conveniently unzips so it can be tossed into the washing machine so you can keep your home smelling and looking nice and clean and so you also know your pet is sleeping in a healthy and clean space.

The bed ships in assorted wonderful colors and measures 34″ X 27″ X 10″ and weighs just 4.75 lbs.


Aspen Pet