Flamingo Pet Shuttle

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If you have a small pet and it does not matter if its got, fur, feathers, scales or a shell you need to provide a safe habour at some timeThis is a small sized pet carrier in assorted colours, made by Karlie its easy to clean and very strongIf you have smaller animals as pets like hamsters, girbils, mice, even birds, then you will find this carrier essential, for when you come to clean the cage out, take the animal to the vets or if you show transporting them, these carriers are very high quality All the carriers are elliptical in shape they have air vents all the way around, if you plan to leave the pet in for a few hours then a water bottle can be attached with little effort They have a fixed handle, and getting your pet in and out could not be easier, the top of the carrier is transparent also hinged your pet is popped in and outIt’s really easy to clean, as there are no dirt traps in this shuttle The carrier is secured by 4 catches on each side so even if you have a crazy hybrid Hamster crossed with a pit bull like mineshe certainly is not getting out There is also another interesting feature with this carrier, whilst transporting your pet in the car

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