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  • It is convenient to comb wool of any length and thickness.
  • Especially effective for untangling matted hair.
  • Metal teeth are durable, strong and rigid, do not electrify the pet’s coat.

Basic rules for hair care:

  • Never comb dry and dirty wool (hairs are split and broken, and irritation may appear on the skin); If the coat is dry, lightly dampen with water diluted with conditioner (1 tablespoon of conditioner per liter of water) before brushing with a spray bottle.
  • If you decide to buy a pet, then after bathing, do not comb wet hair (the hair is very easily stretched and deformed)! After bathing, blot the coat and then wrap the animal in a dry terry towel for 10-20 minutes.
  • Now you can start drying with a hair dryer (lifting the hair with a comb). The jet of air should be warm (but not hot!) Such a care system gives an excellent result: all shedding hair is combed out, and what remains does not get tangled for a long time.