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Give your pet more than just a dog bed! Best Friend’s by Sheri has designed a donut cuddler paired with a luxurious faux-fur blanket that provides better sleep supports joints and offers a calming self-warming effect. The donut cuddler is carefully crafted with durable vegan nylon and filled with CoziLOFT fibers allowing your pet to be instantly enveloped in premium soft luxurious comfort. Our poly filling keeps its loft for up to 3X’s longer than standard pet beds meaning it doesn’t lose its shape fluff or comfort. Encouraging a deeper night’s rest or a refreshing daytime nap our soothing dog bed is special because it’s been carefully designed to provide optimal neck joint and muscle support. Our cozy pet blanket is made with vegan shag fur is self-warming and is reminiscent of a mother’s fur coat helping your pet relax. For dogs and cats who like to burrow the blanket creates a perfect space for cuddles and top-notch snuggling. We’ve paired our dog bed and shag blanket duo to provide the ultimate relaxation retreat for your pet: but we’ve also made sure to keep your needs in mind too! With a water and dirt-resistant bottom our calming pet bed helps prevent messes from reaching your floors. When accidents happen toss both the cuddler bed and blanket into the washing machine for easy clean up. Follow the instructions on the label to ensure proper care.

  • bundle pet gifts deal:You’ll love the bargain your pets will love the bundl! Best Friends by Sheri brings you an all time favorite; our Calming Donut Cuddler pet bed in Lux fur with a matching Lux fur pet throw blanket. Recommeneded size for pet’s weight: small: up to 25 lbs medium: up to 45 lbs large: up to 100 lbs extra large: up to 150 lbs.
  • cozy luxurious sleep:Give your cat and dog the bed of their dreams! The plush vegan fur is self-warming and is reminiscent of their mother’s fur providing a calming anxiety-relieving space. Provide your animals with ultimate comfort for full restful sleep to encourage improved behavior and better health
  • therapeutic bed design:With a raised rim and super-soft filling our calming pet bed was carefully crafted to provide orthopedic joint muscle head and neck support. the CoziLOFT fibers used to fill our donut cuddler keep their loft for up to 3x’s longer than standard pet beds.
  • on-the-go-snuggles:Pair our Lux pet blanket with our round dog cuddler for the perfect combo for furry friends that like to burrow and dig. If you’re on the go our warming dog blanket is versatile and easy to bring along for extra calming support. It also doubles as a furniture protector and dog crate cover.
  • machine-washable:With a water and dirt-resistant bottom our round dog bed helps prevent messes from reaching your floors. When accidents happen or for routine cleaning both the pet bed and furry blanket can be tossed in the washing machine for your convenience. Follow the instructions on the label to ensure proper care.

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