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Get your cat to pounce and paw with joy when you give them the PURRfect Go-Fur-Leather Cat Teaser Wand Toy!

Cats love leather, and now you can give your feline friend a pet-safe and endlessly entertaining cat toy wand featuring leather tassels! The vegetable-tanned, genuine leather tassels at the end of the coil cord are safe to chew and play with.

Designed with a 2-meter coil cord at the end of the wand, your feisty feline can pull and tug the toy further away to make the toy more challenging and fun to play with. The durable wand allows you to control the toy’s movements. Drag it across the floor, dangle it over your cat’s head, and more! The Go-Fur-Leather Wand will help engage your cat and help them stay active throughout the day.


Interactive cat teaser wand with genuine leather tassels on the end
Cats love leather – safe and fun toy option for felines
Durable wand for easy holding and better control
2-meter coil cord that stretches and creates bouncing movements
Coil cord makes it easy for your cat to pull and tug on the toy without breakage
No chemicals or metal material that can be hazardous to your cat
Encourages your cat’s natural instincts to hunt and prey
Great to use to keep your kitty entertained and helps you bond with them

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